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    custom view tile - refresh issue


      ref: Creating Custom View Tiles


      I created a tile using this documentation. The service is hosted on a node.js server.


      The addon zip file has these in definition.json:


          "integrationUser": {

              "systemAdmin": false


          "tiles": [


                  "displayName": "coutile",

                  "name": "coutile",

                  "description": "coutile",

                  "style": "CUSTOM_VIEW",

                  "displayWidth": "ALL",

                  "pageTypes": [




                  "icons": {

                      "16": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-xsmall.png",

                      "48": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-small.png",

                      "128": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-med.png"


                  "view": "http://<nodejs server>/coutile/view.html?features=responsive,tile"







          "package_version": "1.0",

          "id": "67f0cf85-e9ea-4ddb-bc46-acae40454e4e",

          "type": "client-app",

          "name": "coutile",

          "description": "Description for coutile",

          "minimum_version": "0070300000",

          "icon_16": "extension-16.png",

          "icon_48": "extension-48.png",

          "icon_128": "extension-128.png",

          "register_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/register",

          "unregister_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/unregister",

          "redirect_url": "%serviceURL%",

          "released_on": "2017-03-15T02:08:37.284Z",

          "service_url": "http://<nodejs server>"



      The html which is loaded in the tile doesn't get refreshed.

      Below is the updated view.html content in the node.js server. But in the above screen-shot, it still shows the old content.


      Tried these and nothing refreshed the html content:

      • clearing my browser cache
      • clearing jive cache (admin console)
      • restart the nodejs server

      Am I missing something?