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    custom view tile - refresh issue


      ref: Creating Custom View Tiles


      I created a tile using this documentation. The service is hosted on a node.js server.


      The addon zip file has these in definition.json:


          "integrationUser": {

              "systemAdmin": false


          "tiles": [


                  "displayName": "coutile",

                  "name": "coutile",

                  "description": "coutile",

                  "style": "CUSTOM_VIEW",

                  "displayWidth": "ALL",

                  "pageTypes": [




                  "icons": {

                      "16": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-xsmall.png",

                      "48": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-small.png",

                      "128": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-med.png"


                  "view": "http://<nodejs server>/coutile/view.html?features=responsive,tile"







          "package_version": "1.0",

          "id": "67f0cf85-e9ea-4ddb-bc46-acae40454e4e",

          "type": "client-app",

          "name": "coutile",

          "description": "Description for coutile",

          "minimum_version": "0070300000",

          "icon_16": "extension-16.png",

          "icon_48": "extension-48.png",

          "icon_128": "extension-128.png",

          "register_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/register",

          "unregister_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/unregister",

          "redirect_url": "%serviceURL%",

          "released_on": "2017-03-15T02:08:37.284Z",

          "service_url": "http://<nodejs server>"



      The html which is loaded in the tile doesn't get refreshed.

      Below is the updated view.html content in the node.js server. But in the above screen-shot, it still shows the old content.


      Tried these and nothing refreshed the html content:

      • clearing my browser cache
      • clearing jive cache (admin console)
      • restart the nodejs server

      Am I missing something?

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          Do you see a GET hitting your service for view.js? Is it sending a 304 or a 200? Are you on Premise and your CDN caching?

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            Ryan Rutan

            To loop back on this thread.


            Tile assets, specifically the HTML, are cached heavily.  In our Node SDK, you will see how we add cache busting timestamps into the generated definition.json to insure that Tiles in newly installed add-ons refresh older versions.


            Your workaround to use AJAX is appropriate.  As a tip, I try to get the HTML DOM skeleton locked as much as possible prior to my first deploy and externalize my JS/CSS into pre-linked external files.  This way you can update/iterate on the fly as needed.

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