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    Best practices for announcements?

    Jeff Shurtliff

      Does anyone know where I can find some best practices for posting announcements in external communities, both community-wide and specific to a place or group?

      (e.g. Frequency, who should have permission to do so, etc.)

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          We don't have anything formal written down, but we have largely kept permissions limited to our community managers. Because we work so closely with our Marketing department, using the community managers as gatekeepers forces the marketing teams to time and align their efforts on a calendar so we really get more back for the buck when we do announcements.


          Personally, I try to make them a tiny bit whimsical. I've found the community is way more receptive to them:


          Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 1.57.42 PM.png

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            With 100's of communities at Oracle, we gave community managers the autonomy to manage announcements in the space(s) they managed - only makes sense that way. At the next 2 levels up (we had an artificial "stakeholder" level for support, marketing, etc), we more tightly managed so that only admins could do it and while perhaps not whimsical (which I don't think is a bad idea for some audiences), only really important stuff would go out there and we simply kept it brief and to the point as we had so much going on.

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              Hi Jeff,


              We have about 125 groups and spaces.  For the most part our space and group admins use the announcement function in their areas for product release, key prod updates or other key messaging.  They are used sparingly so as to keep it's integrity as an announcement.


              As for the overall community, I use is very much the way, sparingly and for the important stuff.  I have a general space where all the announcements and messages are maintained.  I create a post and it lives there for people to follow and find on subsequent searches.  If something is HOT and needs to get to everyone, I will create an announcement, with the link to the discussion post and then will push to all via their Inbox.  Works pretty well for our users.




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