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    Annual B2B Tech Conferences - Community Examples

    Jill Ross

      Aside from JiveWorld17, I'm looking for additional examples of dedicated spaces/groups for annual user conferences. I'm in the early stages of proposing something like this, so having some industry examples will help make my case.


      If anyone has done this, but made it a permissioned space or private/secret group, I'd love to know how you handled access/invites to the event place. We have a 3rd party event management company handling event registration, so in the event it needs to be an "attendees only" place, I would need to figure out the logistics around providing access.

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          We are doing this for our community. Our partners have annual "partner summits" across the globe (EMEA, APAC, etc.) and so we created separate event-specific sub-spaces within the main partner space. Only attendees can access their space. We have a registration form that partners use (unfortunately it's outside the community), and then get a csv export of that attendee list. We then create a user group and permission set for just those users. The space is geared more towards engagement after the event, so we get a bit more wiggle room in terms of making sure permissions are set (we can wait until the after the event starts to get the user list accurate).


          Since the space is relatively hidden, we use email to promote the space with attendees during and after the event.

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