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    Need nice ideas for our upcoming Event: IT open Days (Jive)


      Dear All


      I am looking for fresh Ideas for our Jive Instance open Days in September. What would be your ideas and suggestion?


      The opportunity has been given to us (Internal Jive instance Team) during 2 days (With session of 1 hour) to provide an ideal opportunity for employees to know more about Shake, and to get their questions answered during this event.


      To beyond the fact that this type of event can help us to attract more people, we want to encourage and engage people to contribute more, to give them the reason of using Jive in their activity, to share with them some relevant use cases.


      Ideas that come in my mind are:


      - Build a team spirit Game where you can only win if you work as a team (Indoor activities)--->This is Collaboration!

      - Record some success stories (From all the hierarchy Level) to share during the event

      - Engaging Executives by demonstrating them all the advantages around Deskless (Mobility around Jive daily)


      For making this event a big success, I need your help and your nice ideas. Please share them with me!