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    Your Favorite Tips & Tricks?


      Hello! We launched out Jive-x community this year and I'm presenting for the first time on tips and tricks and recommendations for site engagement. I am curious, what recommendations do you make to your communities for overall navigation and site experience? Our homepage is a newsfeed, so I was going to cover creating a customized news stream, maximizing use of the search tool, subscribing to content/bookmarking/downloading, finding your content, finding your forum, badges and building out your profile. If anyone has recommendations for something they've shared that has gotten the community really excited to use Jive, I'd love to hear all about it!


      This is also geared towards out international customers, any specific region specific features that I should highlight that I may be forgetting?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Toby Metcalf

          Good day Marissa,

          Excellent question! Each community has a different layout and the challenge for members is how do I easily find answers or interesting content.

          Here is a link to my community landing page and there is a screenshot below Welcome | PTC Community

          1. The top menu bar allows membest to search for content by product
          2. The top widget take members to information about our upcoming conference
          3. The Get Started Widget takes members to how-to's and best practices for using Jive
          4. Within each product space I have a Featured Content as well as Unanswered Questions widget to drive eyes to content.
          5. In addition to layout of my community, I utilize Twitter to drive people to specific discussions, solutions, or blogs.

          Landing Page.jpg


          I hope this is helpful and happy to chat further.