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    Want to inform our product direction? Take this survey!

      We created a survey to learn more about your collaboration style in the modern workplace. This is a chance for you to tell us how you collaborate and interact (or don't) with Jive, so that we can improve your experience. We really hope you participate because let's be honest, nobody knows Jive like our community in JiveWorks! Whether you live and breathe Jive or are just thinking about getting your feet wet, you're all here in JiveWorks because you have a relationship with Jive in some capacity. We want to hear your story - no matter how much or how little you use Jive - because we care about every single one of you and want to make our product better for YOU.


      The survey takes roughly 10 - 20 minutes and consists of multiple choice questions (with a few places to expand) about how you collaborate, where and how often. If you don't mind taking it a step further, distributing the survey internally to your own internal community members would give us an even better understanding of people interacting and collaborating with Jive.


      Want to know what the questions are first? I have attached a PDF of the survey so you can review it and decide whether you would like to participate.


      Please note that this survey is geared toward internal communities (Jive-n).


      Take the survey!