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      I currently have a place "Vmail" that whenever content is posted in this place, users get notified per the News Steam and email (see below). My question is, is there a reason why certain people may not be receiving this e-mail notification? Are users able manage their notifications and be removed from this even if I have it set to have Everyone receive it?


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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Christine, Any use can manage their email notifications in their profile preferences. So yes, they could be removing these notifications themselves.

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              I'm pretty sure there is more nuance to this issue. First, with 2016.2 Nick Hill reported that "you can control whether or not users see an option to disable all email notifications from Jive." (I've used the feature since then to remove the ability of our Jive-n users to opt out of emails, as they are employees, not customers.) So, christine.murray, if you're using Jive-n you can make that change.


              Second, I have not tested lately but I and other customers have had difficulties getting the email notifications for a news stream to work correctly, so it's certainly possible that is actually the issue you're encountering. See, for example, News streams not pushing out to new people in the community , where the latest response from the ever-vigilant John Schwiller cites a known bug, CLOUD-295 (is that number right? seems rather low for a bug ID).

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                  John Schwiller

                  Hi Ted - I checked on the bug CLOUD-295 and it is correct   The reason the number is 'low' is that we created a load of new 'projects' in Jira - i.e. the bit before the hyphen. New projects like CLOUD started at 001 or 002. Not sure about ever-vigilant though


                  Edit: The email switch is at Admin Console > People > Settings > Global Profile Settings


                  2017-03-27 18_19_06-Jive Admin Console _ Profile Settings.png

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                    Hey Ted - Pardon my ignorance n the issue, but is this specifically related to cloud instances?



                    Also, John Schwiller - Curious, I am aware of that setting, is there somewhere else in the admin console I can then determine for users their automatic email preferences? i.e. turn off, 'Inbox - all items'; turn on 'Inbox - @mention, share, message'.

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                        Pretty sure there is nowhere to set all preferences for users, unless you mean the default. I think the described feature is the only method of controlling one specific part of the email experience with Jive.


                        As for the bug, John Schwiller is better placed to know whether that applies only to Cloud instances.