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    User who is not member of a group cannot update file with Jive for Office

    Keeley Sorokti

      There is a private group in our community that has Content Editing by Non-Members turned on. An uploaded excel spreadsheet has been shared with a non-member with the intent to have her collaborate on the file. Many people are updating this spreadsheet on a regular basis using Jive for Office.


      The non-member is able to open the file from within Excel and make edits. When she clicks on the Jive tab in Excel and clicks Publish, she gets an error message that says 'You don't have permission to publish to Your content'.


      The non-member does have edit rights to the uploaded file in CONNECT and can click Edit in CONNECT and manually upload a newer version of the file. However, this is not the ideal way to work as there may be other people using Jive for Office simultaneously and it is best for everyone to use Jive for Office.


      In a test, the file was moved to a group where she is a member and she was able to publish an update using Jive for Office without a problem so it is not an issue with the file itself, but rather where it is published.


      Should files that are shared with non-members in a group be able to be updated via Jive for Office by the people they are shared with? Since the edit rights are there in CONNECT they should also be granted by Jive for Office right?