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    Are videos no longer part of reports for Jive 9.0?




      In Jive 7, I recall videos were part of the reports we were able to see in CMR/reports tab, and were included on in the CSV file downloads we received. We upgraded to Jive 9 earlier this month, and we're seeing that videos are no longer listed? Is this expected?


      I see this idea ( ) and can't speak to events or ideas, but seem to remember videos already being included in our previous version.


      Any insight on this would be helpful. Thanks!

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          Hi Lauren,


          From your description, it sounds like you are running into an issue being tracked as CUSTOM-2565 in the Jive 9 platform. However, to confirm and track this behavior, please submit a case in your custom group where a member of our support team can assist in linking your instance to this issue and provide updates and additional information on this issue.



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