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    Where can I see how many people follow a blog?


      Is there a way to see how many people follow a certain blog? We have a few system blogs and I'd love to know if they have subscribers.

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          Hi Kristen,


          In my previous life (Oracle), this was something we got via Omniture or our own reporting integration as there was nothing in Reports (we were on-premise). I just took a look here in JiveWorks and the Reports seem to be the same. However, I did find a small gem for you. Here in JiveWorks, the author of a blog (and I assume anyone with moderator or higher permissions) can see Impact Metrics. On the right, a little below Actions, you can see this (taken from the first blog I wrote here):



          When you click on it, you get a wealth of good stuff to assess the effectiveness of a blog:




          Although it does not call out "Followers", I believe "Subscribers" is synonymous. The above was captured by clicking on Days and Subscribers. There are also scores for Sentiment and Impact which have some kind of formula (sorry, I forgot what someone told me about these). Since I never saw this with Jive on-premise, I assume it is a tool only available with Jive Cloud.


          I hope this gives you insight in some fashion!



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