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    What is the action for getting point on recieving replies on your discussion?

    prashantpathak19821 Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I wanted to create a mission with following behaviour but unable to do so. Any inputs.



      • Expected behavior:  When anyone create a (question or discussion) and receive at least one reply/comment  on same, he/she should get that mission awarded.
      • Issues:
        1. No action seem to working for receiving comment / reply of thread on questions.
        2. CommentEvent-COMMENTED- work for all the content expect thread on questions.
      • MessageEvent-REPLIED-question and MessageEvent-REPLIED-thread work only when you reply to your question of thread not for receiving comment  / reply.
      • Not sure if we are mission anything. Ideally there should be something for this?
      • Our guess: On discussion / question you don’t comment instead of you get to reply and we are not getting any Nitro action which gives us an option to track other people reply of your discussion /question.

      Thanks much.