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    Federated Search not working


      We have a Jive Connector which includes a Federated Search in Salesforce.  This connector used to search Salesforce knowledge articles, cases, Jive discussions, Jive Blogs, etc. depending on which boxes were checked.  Somewhere along the line this has broken.  When you conduct a search of knowledge articles, you will get the Jive version but not the Salesforce version.  You do get a list of Salesforce knowledge articles, but none are the ones being searched on.  And yet the Jive version comes right up at the top of the list (as it should).


      For example, we have an article that starts out with "Managing tasks . . . " that is marked as a customer-facing article.  It is in both Salesforce and our Jive community.  To keep our techs from having to search two places, they can use Federated Search.  The correct article comes up right at the top, but only the Jive version of it.  If you uncheck the Jive checkbox, so that you are searching Salesforce articles only, it does not come up.  You do get some knowledge articles, but not this one.


      I have also tested using internal only articles, and those do not come up in searches, either.  But other articles do come up - again, not the ones you are searching for.


      Need help.