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    Twitter is awesome

    Toby Metcalf

      Good day everyone,

      Sarah O'Meara started this excellent discussion about Work / Live Balance How do you balance your work-life? and a discussion about Twitter began.

      Rather than derailing her fine discussion, I figured I would start anew.


      No matter for SEO, social listening, customer engagement, customer service, personal knowledge or entertainment - Twitter is a fantastic tool.

      For me, it is an ever-updating newspaper: utilize lists to organize followers then build a dashboard of those lists within a tool like Hootsuite.  No matter you industry or interest, you can create a list to keep you updated:

      Marketing, brand mentions, industry thought leaders, community managers, social media, sports, etc - it all comes to you.

      I utilize Twitter to drive traffic to my community: I tweet out discussions, blogs, documents, that offer customer-centric best practices or product solutions (For Example)



      Within that url, I embed utm codes so I can track the success of the tweet (content type, delivery vehicle, account).


      In addition to communities like this one, I participate in weekly tweetchats to connect with and learn from other community managers, marketers, and social media pros.  Outstanding collaboration.


      Are you using Twitter? How?

      Are you not? Why?



      Toby @Toby_Metcalf (on Twitter)

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          Haha! Thanks for branching this out into a new discussion! I would love to hear how you guys use Twitter. I think I was turned off from it when it first started because it felt like Facebook status updates or funny quips from celebrities. I do appreciate the ability it has to keep people up to date in real time, but I just never jumped on board.


          Lay the wisdom on me, JiveWorks! How do you use Twitter?


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            Jill Ross

            I went back and forth on creating an HDS Community Twitter account. I've switched jobs and industries a few times since I first joined Twitter, so my following/followers list is a total mixed bag, many of whom would never be interested in hearing about what's going on in the HDS Community. So, I settled on creating the HDSCommunityMgr handle that I use exclusively for sharing content from the HDS Community and engaging with members & visitors. I wanted people to have a person to connect with and not just an entity, so I chose to use my name and photo as opposed to the HDS logo and "HDS Community" as the name. I'm not sure if this was the right thing to do since I now appear twice in search results, but I attempted to provide some clarity within the bio section of both profiles. 


            It hasn't been all that successful so far because I haven't given it a ton of effort, but the #HDSCommunity hashtag seems to be catching on within our group of employee social ambassadors.


            Now I at least feel like a have a good balance between personal and business use of Twitter.

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                Toby Metcalf

                Good stuff Jill,

                I actually have 2 handles:

                @Toby_Metcalf - Social Media, Marketing, Technology, and general PTC goings on

                @TMetcalf44 - My foodie profile

                For work, I utilize corporate accounts associated with a particular product rather than a general PTC or PTC Community branding account.

                I do this because Followers are interested in product-specific content and it makes things easier to find @PTC_Creo @PTC_Windchill @PTC_Mathcad - etc

                I understand where you are regarding success in following; remember to keep tweeting and engaging: tweetchats are an excellent way to get your name out there.  Even if you are not ready to host one, you can participate :-)



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                Well Toby Metcalf you know me and twitter, it is my "go to" platform for giving Community advice. Though this year I've really slowed down on using it and I'm not nearly as active as I once was (#cmgrchat and #cmgrhangout). But I still check in and respond to things when I feel I can offer help.