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    RSS Feed Not Populating Articles


      I am trying to add an RSS feed from my Jive Community to an external website.  In the past, I've had no issue adding a feed to this website, but it is not working when I use an RSS feed from my Jive community. Below is the RSS URL I am using:


      http://community.macmillan.com/community/the-psychology-community/blog/feeds/tags/talk psych



      It is set to pull blog posts based on the tag "talk psych."  I tested in my Outlook email and the feed works just fine there - I see the article title and a short blurb and can click to open the full article. However, With this URL, my website shows the name of the feed in the widget, but no stories are appearing in it. I suspect that this could be because while this URL shows a feed, the articles are not linked in it. Does anyone know what might be causing this?  I can't use any custom coding to add the RSS feed (e.g. I've seen suggestions to use Javascript to embed the feed). I can only enter the RSS feed URL.