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    Jive Daily - missing functionality

    jgoldhammer Jive SME

      We have introduced Jive Daily Hosted in our internal community and the feedback of users was that the app looks better, but misses some functionality:

      • The old Jive Mobile app had a tab projects/subgroups so that you were able to navigate into the projects of a certain group. Currently this is not possible with Jive Daily- there is no option.
        • I know there are workarounds like adding a key content/places into the activity page, but this does not help really because you have to modify the tile each time a new project is created.
      • Mark an answer as correct. The Jive Mobile app on Android allowed that. Jive Daily only allows to mark an answer as correct.


      Jive, is that planned already? I would like to have a roadmap of Jive Daily (Cloud and Hosted variant)...