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    feature on your profile option not available for users


      Content Evolution is enabled & we have a client who wants to feature a piece of content on their profile, however, this option is not available in the client's list of actions. They created the content & here is the actions available:

      The only info I can find on feature content is that it's available on all content types &:

      The option is available on my profile (but i am the Admin). Is there a permission that has to be added for this option to be available?



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          Hi Jessica Howard,


          REviewing through your description, as you mention the user is the creator of the content, I would also expect the option to "feature on your profile" to be present in the list of actions, similar to:



          However, as you are not seeing this option for the specific user in your instance I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step where a member of our support team can investigate directly in your instance. When submitting the case if you could provide


          - username of the account reporting the issue

          - link to the content they are attempting to feature

          - confirm if the behavior is limited to a specific piece of content or are they not seeing the option available on any content they create