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    why has a vote the weight of 5?




      When you vote for an idea the vote increase or decreases with 5. Is there a particular reason for this why the weight isn't 1 (in stead of 5)?


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          If you're specifically asking about voting weight in JiveWorks, someone on the Jive end will have to answer that. However, as an admin you can set the weight of a particular vote, based on the outcome you want.


          Five is a nice number because psychologically people feel like they are contributing more than one point. In our community we keep the weighting for up/down the same, because we ascribe the same value to either opinion(to be fair we have not encouraged down voting in our community ).  Under this same logic, I could see how you might want to assign more points to a down vote since that action is done less. While we love voting, we would likely give more merit to individuals that took the time to add additional comment, attachments etc.


          You really just need to think about your user base, their motivation, and your outcome.


          Here's how the weighting in the admin console(we use cloud) can be changed.


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