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    Event registration plugin/integration? (How can I collect registration/payment/feedback forms for events?)


      Hi there,

      I've searched around here and haven't been able to find an answer to my question. But if I missed something, feel free to remove and point me in the right direction.


      I need a 3rd party vendor/event management software that can plug in to my Jive 7 Cloud community. Our community platform is now our central place for event promotion and communication and we need to add the registration forms/payment options/feedback forms for different events directly into a page on our platform that has the same look and feel. I don't really want our members going to 3rd party websites to book tickets where afterwards they don't return to read more about the event on our platform. In addition to a way to collect registration/payment/feedback on events, we need access to a matchmaking feature for some events that can help people arrange individual meetings with others in the same business or with the same interest....maybe that is a lot to ask from 1 provider.


      Anyone have any names/contacts that they can share here or send me as a PM? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and be well.