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    Is there a way to add the space to a moderation email template?

    Alex Nassi

      In Admin > System > Settings > Message Templates, there is an option to modify the "Content Awaiting Moderation" template. I'm looking to add the space containing the moderation object to the template, but the only variables are: ${communityName} ${instanceURL} ${contentSubject} ${contentBody} ${contentAuthorName}. Is there a way (in Cloud) to add to this list, specifically adding the containing space? I tried, on a whim, ${contentSpace}, but my preview errored out.


      The reason for this is that moderation emails from different spaces mean different things (e.g. is this spam or is it in a space where moderation is enabled and this is expected behavior?). It would be beneficial to see the information upfront in the email instead of having to drill into the moderation queue.


      Based on reviewing the documentation, I think this will need to be submitted as an Ideas for Jive, but I figured I'd ask before going down that path.