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    Can't invite users who have been denied access


      Hi Emerald Ressler,


      We have recently been having an issue where a user is at first denied access, but then we want to invite them in again.  However, it won't let us set up an account and send an invite if they were previously denied.  We did have a case where we were able to get a previously denied person into our active directory/SSO test site, but even then, we can't search for them in the admin console or within Jive. She is able to login and post though.  Please see Nicole Hilson's thoughts on the matter below.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


      “Because active directory side isn’t live, and we are just testing, I think that is the reason she isn’t populating into Jive like she should. But really, we need to find out why we can’t manually add someone into Jive once they request access and we deny them. I inquired about it before, they told me they should be there on the back end and you can allow access, but that isn’t the case.”