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    Seeking Mentor

      1. Sherri Vance, Knowledge Manager, Health Catalyst ( Sherri Vance )
      2. Healthcare outcomes improvement, approx. 500 employees
      3. We have both internal and external communities (just getting started on internal)
      4. Building out a content library that organizes standardized content and integrates engagement with related topics and processes. Facing decision about whether to move the docs to Jive or leave them in a SharePoint library (using the O365 connector), decision about how to treat some docs that live in our external community (but we would like to manage internal conversations about them), etc.


      Thank you!

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          Kara Francis

          Quick tip on your final comment.  We use Jive Anywhere a lot to easily link and surface external content (Jive-X or any other web site) inside of our internal community where we can then have an internal discussion.


          Not sure if that would work for you or not.