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    Accessibility training about your Jive community


      Has anyone ever delivered training internally about how accessible Jive is. We're having an accessibility day and we've been asked to speak specifically about our Jive community. Has anyone done this before? What did you focus on?



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          Hi Kim England, before my demos, I always talk about how Jive is accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and I've done a side by side comparison of accessing Jive from home versus accessing SharePoint or anything network based from home. 


          I've also done a mobile training where I have an android and iPhone on my screen and I walk people through how to use the app: find their groups, their colleagues, call their colleagues etc.  If you're going to be speaking live to an audience, I would highlight how easy it is to access information on the go and maybe have a table set up with a laptop, phones and tablets so people can see the app and play with it. 


          If you guys are on cloud, it would be cool to talk about Chime and Daily and go into the intricacies about those apps.


          Does that help answer your question?  I have a tendency to answer a different question that asked.  Let me know.  Thank you.