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    User accounts added to Elastic Path space


      I believe I should be able to added members to our group, but am not able to do so.  I have searched for users which I believe have JiveWorks accounts but they do not come up in search results to add to this space.  How do I get other contacts in our space associated with this space?



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          Hi Alann Demeester,


          Looking through your customer group, I do see where an invitation has been send from your user, so would expect the option to be present for your account via the manage >> members page in your customer group


          However, if you are seeing an error when selecting this option I would suggest submitting a case in your customer group directly so that a member of our support team can review through back-end logs here in the Jive Works community, if needed. When submitting the case, if you could also provide the email of the user you are attempting to invite, this should help with their investigation.