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    Jive Realtime and Jive Daily ALERT

    Barb Stupyra

      I have an Alert for Jive Realtime "Problems were encountered while registering with the network service". Details: An error occurred sending instance registration to client 'https://realtime-disc=phx.prod.jivehosted.com/registerInstance' (status=408 Request Timeout).  I've tried the update, that didn't work, and I tried to reconnect to the service and that didn't work either.


      And for Jive Daily, an update is available for this add-on.  Details: License terms have changed for this add-on since it was installed. You need to accept the terms but you update to the latest versions. When I click to accept, says it's already installed but the Alert is still there.


      Can you help me get rid of these Alerts?