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    Seeing labels displayed on JiveWorks site like 'k2d05'


      I've opened up a support case about it, but wondered whether anyone else is seeing the same issue on the JiveWorks site (which is running Jive I've seen multiple instances of this in the past few days. Is it just me?


      In the quote reply block



      In the place selector




      In the create menu



      Where + when it appears doesn't seem to follow any particular pattern.


      Anyone else seeing this & have any screenshots they can share?

        • Re: Seeing labels displayed on JiveWorks site like 'k2d05'

          Hey Matt Collinge,


          we had this issue a year or so ago on Jive 8.02 (maybe?). Our error had to do with

          ERROR com.jivesoftware.community.web.soy.i18n.bundles.BundleGenerator


          and Jive provided us a fix-pack. Are you on the cloud? You could request the logs associated with a piece of content that consistently displays the issue. We could replicate the error at the time but a page refresh often fixed the issue. There was a bug that Jive fixed, but I think that it had to do with possibly a different java class and custom themes.


          One thing that they did ask me was if we had a custom theme and perhaps had left off a closing parenthesis, or had accidentally escaped a character.


          Hope this helps.