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    To add custom javascript in Cloud instance




      We are new to the jive cloud instance and are in the process of migrating from widgets to tiles.

      Due to the limitations in cloud instance, we cannot add the custom script in the header/footer. However we are trying to display custom HTML on every page header across the entire site. The content gets pulled from external API and wrapped in <div class="client-content"></div> inside a Header. Since Javascirpt code is stripped out from header/footer while saving, we were not able to display the custom HTML.

      We also tried to embed the code into a Tile, but encountered an cross-origin frame issue, since the tile reference URL is different than the website domain.


      So, In general questions are:

      1) How to include custom Javascript on header/footer across the jive instance?

      2) Why the tile reference URL (iframe) is different than the website domain?