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    What happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas ... Join the Learning and Development Track discussions before, during and after JiveWorld 17

    Keeley Sorokti Advanced

      Calling all Jivers interested in the universal Jive use case...LEARNING.


      Join the conversation right now leading up to JiveWorld so we can start getting to know each other and share valuable insights.


      Here's how:


      1. Join our newly redesigned Learning and Development group in JiveWorks. This is the hub for all things learning during JiveWorld 17 and beyond.


      2. Introduce yourself to the group.


      3. Reply to our learning track session discussions -- this will help the presenters understand their audience and will allow us to have a much more meaningful Q&A about these topics. One hour can only scratch the surface.


      We especially want to hear from people who can't attend JiveWorld.


      4. Use #jivelearning hashtag on social media.


      5. Attend our Learning Meet-Up @ JiveWorld 17 - Wednesday, May 3rd (5:15 PM - 6:00 PM)


      Learn about the JiveWorld17: Learning and Development Track.


      cc: Amy Castillo Stan Jeffress Andy Wooler Jeff Merrell James Visher Rachel Happe Heather Kattner Shaun Slattery Jez Martin