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    5-hour outage. What gives?


      Our organization is relatively new to Jive-N--we've had a launch with mostly G&A and news, but are contemplating using Jive-N for real work processes and access to important documents. The outage for cloud customers on the Pheonix server today (4/28/17) has lasted for hours. We need to send the link to a Jive document to one of our executives, but we can't edit the doc or send him the link, and this makes us worry about using Jive-N for more than just social interaction on non-mission-critical stuff. Several of us are staying after hours to wait to edit this Jive doc and send the link to the executive.


      For those of you who have used Jive-N for a while: is this extremely unusual, or have you been impacted by outages enough to push you not to store important documents or support mission-critical work processes in Jive-N?

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          This is highly unusual - the last outage was the DDOS attack and that was in October 2016.  It's fortunate that this happened on a Friday towards the end of the day, however I'm with you.  Do you have a SEV1 case opened in your community - I'm getting regular updates from the TAM in our private group but I do wish the status page was more informational.





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              So...here's what I see in our private group. That seems broken as well.



              This outage is unfortunate only a month after our launch, and on a day when we decided to create some strategic notes in a JIve doc rather than a Word doc attached to email, and send a link to an executive. Hooboy.

              And as it turned out, this was a 5+ hour outage. One of our community managers is going to JiveWorld--I hope there will be some discussion about reliability there?

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              There's no good way to spin a 5-hour outage. :-(

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                  Our largest community, one we consider mission critical, was down for nearly 7 hours.  For us it wasn't near the end of the day it was in the middle of the day during a period of highest utilization.  While rare, this type of thing has happened before.  Curiously, Jive has yet to release an RCA or even a statement about the cause and remediation plans. 

                  My frustration in this incident has only grown with each day that passes where i have to fend off our IT department's questions.