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    What is the best way to add Bootstrap elements to a Jive place?

    sharakarasic Advanced

      Hi, I've already uploaded Bootstrap css and js to Jive, but I'm having trouble for example creating a Bootstrap button in an HTML widget. Can anyone tell me the steps to do this with a code example? Thank you!

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          noelwhite Advanced

          You have to include two libraries to utilize Bootstrap.  You need to have the jQuery JavaScript library for Bootstrap to run, and the Bootstrap CSS library for the styling to work.  The first thing to do is determine Jive's binary URL to those files on your instance.  If you have my Content Lookup widget installed, you can simply do the following:

          - Put the name of the file to search for in the entry field

          - check "Limit to uploaded files"

          - click Search.

          for example


          Copy the binaryURL for each of those files.  Create an HTML widget and put the following code into it:

          <script src='JQUERY HERE'></script>

          <link href="BOOTSTRAP CSS HERE" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
          <Button class='btn btn-info btn-small'>Test Button</Button>

          Replace "JQUERY HERE" with the binary URL to the jQuery library.

          Replace "BOOTSTRAP CSS HERE" with the binary URL of your Bootstrap CSS library.

          You should now get

          Bootstrap functionality is now at your fingertips!