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    Banner 'preset images' impact the display of 'Background Image'


      When creating a new space, the default banner is the forest picture, and it repeats:



      If I immediately pick my own custom background image, it will use a repeating pattern as well:


      If I go to the 'Presets' again, and pick a solid color, the banner is just one big block of color - effectively a stretch to fit.


      Now if I go to the Custom tab for the banner, the image I last picked is not visible.

      If I remove the 'background image' and then select to use it again, it now stretches to fit the entire banner width.



      We had a handful of spaces using the same background image, but with fluctuating presentation (some stretched, some repeating).

      I don't know if this is intended behavior, but I wanted to post about it in case anyone else notices this type of behavior.

      I don't know how to undo the stretch display - but if you want to get your banner to 'stretch to fit' you can follow that process outlined above.


      I guess my question is -

      Is this intentional behavior or some kind of glitch.

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          hello Nick Evans


          when it comes to banners, you have to know the size of the banner space to get one that will work for you. my rough estimate is that the banner space for jive is 1200px by 150px. also when placing a banner that you have used before, or from google, do you change the "background repeat" option:that is in the banner design area?


          What I did to alleviate the frustrations of banner issues, like the dreaded "gray bar", is i found a site that lets you create free custom banners, and using those parameters from before I can create any kind of banner and it works 100 percent of the time.


          the site that i go to is Banner Maker - Make Your Banner Online for Free | Fotor.com , and I choose the custom button under the "banner maker" options on the main page.


          hope this helps!



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              Hi Raul,

              Thanks for the fotor idea, we'll have to look at that in the future.

              Basically this all came up because we had the same banner being used in several spaces, and as far as anyone could spot, the settings were identical, yet one was 'strectch to fit' and one was 'repeating'.

              It was after playing with the presets that we found what 'preset' you select causes certain HTML code to be left behind when you go pick your own custom image.

              It just seemed peculiar and probably unintentional.

              However in this instance, we liked the outcome of the stretch to fit, so this was as much of a 'I think there's a bug' as it was 'here's how to get your image of any size to fit the banner fully'.