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    Replacing Jive Search with Coveo


      Good day everyone,


      We recently installed Coveo Enterprise Search to power the search functionality across Adobe.com.  Included in this was the connector to our Jive 8 instance to surface correct answers from our community. We're not looking to go a step further and replace the core Jive spotlight search with the Coveo search in order to surface non-community content such as our help, learn, and KB content (all on AEM).  With that in mind, my questions are:

      • Has anyone else attempted to replace their Jive Search with Coveo or another enterprise search option?
      • What partners or 3rd party integrators did you work with?
      • How's it been working for you and your company?


      Thanks to anyone who can provide any insight on this?  I struck out trying to find anyone who's attempted something like this at JiveWorld, so now on to the community!


      David Kastendick

      Manager, Social Customer Care



      cc: Madison Murphy; Florin Carlig

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          Hi David,


          the possibilities depend on your deployment model. If you are on on-premise, you have full possibilities. If you are on Cloud, you cannot replace the spotlight search. Most customers implement a tile which can be integrated on your front page to have a search into another system, e.g. Raytion integrates its enterprise search product into the jive UI with a "simple" tile.

          Enterprise Search Connectors - Raytion


          If you have further interest on discussing it, you can contact us. We are Jive partner since 3 years now.

          fme Solutions & Services for Jive




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            Hi David Kastendick! I'm pretty sure we met last year at JiveWorld. I saw you at the external communities meet up yesterday but we didn't get a chance to connect.


            Interestingly, I was just speaking at the conference with Jamie Battin (who was also at that meet up!) about their implementation of Coveo. I can't answer your specific questions as we haven't gone this route yet, but I'm pinging Jamie here as he has an implementation of this currently running on their external community.

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              Hi David,


              Sorry we did not connect up at JW, I would have been happy to discuss in person how we handled our Coveo implementation.  We are on Jive X 7.0.2 hosted currently and looking to move to 9 Q3 or Q4 this year.


              We launched Coveo in March of 2016.  We removed the Jive spotlight search and added our own branded search header on top of Jive and our CRM so that the experience was consistent.  (Taking away spotlight did create a few grumbles, particularly about bookmarks, but we trained our users to go to their profile to access.  The click counters were still not very happy about but that the issue has settled)


              We are seriously wanting to go to Cloud prob in late 2018 and have been concerned about spotlight search as we don't want two searches and our Coveo search is our one and only search.


              Let me know if you have other questions, happy to share more info.




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                  Hi Jamie,


                  Sorry for the long delay in replying. We actually did meet up briefly after your session at JiveWorld as I wanted to get your thoughts on your implementation of InSite. 


                  May I ask who did your Coveo integration?  Did you also replace the Search widget (not Spotlight) with Coveo or was that not something your site used?


                  If it's more appropriate, we could take this to PM.




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                  On element14 Community we altered spotlight search to include more than just the standard results.. we include Products (which come in from an external store website via OpenSearch) and Design Center results which come in via a call to the Jive Search REST API service (refined to a particular Place on our Community). To implement this, we did some customisation to core files.. and I'm guessing you could alter the same files to replace Jive search completely. The bonus here is that those changes also change the 'Content Search' widget that you can use on Overview pages.

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                    We also have Coveo indexing our jive 8 content along with our product manuals (which are published on a different site) and we have this search available for customers.  For internal users, we also index our CRM data so that our tech support team can search in one place to find most of the things they want.  We went live with the customer facing search in December and with the internal search just in April.


                    Road map plans are:

                    - Integrate Coveo into our support incident submission system (replaces a custom search that we'd written in house) to provide customers with potential solutions.

                    - Looking at adding connectors to index youtube and perhaps slack.

                    - Last of all, replacing the jive spotlight search.  We are on premise.


                    I will be reading this thread with interest and I will share out anything I learn here.