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    Something I didn't quite like about #JiveWorld17


      JW17 was fantastic. Great content, great events and speakers on the main stage and I personally enjoyed my track sessions as a speaker. There's one little peeve I have which may be a small issue in the larger scheme of things, but as a matter of principle seems unfair. So, Jive announced Early Bird rates for registration as well as special rates for Alumni, in the early weeks of conference promotion. In fact, in January we got emails titled, "Three Weeks Left to Save on JiveWorld17 Registration" urging us to hurry and register. And register early, we did - I used an Alumni code to register which of course got refunded when my speaker slot got confirmed. My colleagues however had to pay. To my dismay I saw that just a few weeks before the conference, Jive was offering tickets at $599 - a price significantly lower than what we paid as alumni/ early birds/ group registrants.


      The point isn't whether $250-300 per participant is a big deal in the larger scheme of things. The point to me is about the integrity of this process. By making the early bird registration seem like a limited time affair, Jive gave the impression that it was the best price possible for tickets. To then slash ticket prices further without retroactively giving the benefit to those customers who had already signed up, Jive almost committed a breach of trust. Having organised events, I understand that curating an event of this nature and scale is tough. That said, you can't really make a decision that makes people who committed to your event early, look silly. In a way, Jive disincentivised the "early birds" and have probably set a precedent where some of us won't trust the "early bird" promotions.


      Again, the few hundred dollars per participant may not be a big deal from the perspective of the deal sizes some of us already have with Jive. The trust we share on the other hand, is a big deal. I'm afraid, that trust is a bit dented.