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    Question | Create A Copy - Corp Comms Use Case




      I'm hoping someone can clarify the intended functionality of Create A Copy. Within Corp Comms, we'd like to have our communications manager be able to create a private document and then share it with a specific executive so that they can click Create A Copy and publish easily as a blog. However, we're seeing that for non-admins, Create a Copy is missing when a document is shared privately with just one person. They can open and edit the document but don't seem to have the option to Create a Copy under Actions. And they do see the Create a Copy option on content pieces in other groups.


      I'm curious if the problem here is that the document is posted as a person's own content, which the exec who is looking to post the copy of won't have access to post to? If so, the only other work around I can think of is to create a private group, invite the executive into the group, wait until they join, and then store the document they need to copy there but that seems tedious.


      How is anyone else using this feature within Corporate Communications? Any other workarounds out there?


      Thank you!!

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          Hi Lauren,


          I have the same use case, and was frustrated (and embarrassed) when my executives told me they could not see the create a copy option. Working with Jive Support, they explained it was a bug related to the document retaining the permissions set when the document is first created as a personal document (exactly as you suspected).


          After numerous awkward and confusing attempts to work around this with executives, I've given up on it as way too much trouble. The odds of the exec having a negative experience were just too high. As I recall, Jive does have it listed as a bug, but I don't know when it might be fixed.


          Creating a private group is one viable workaround (agree it is tedious and overly complicated). I do find the concept of converting a document to a blog post is not always easily grasped, however, so beware of that, as we've had people publish the document instead of as a blog post due to their lack of awareness about what the difference is.


          In short, this whole process is far more complicated than it should be.


          The majority of our execs have learned how to publish blog posts as a draft and work on cleaning them up until they are ready to go. They handle this themselves, or with the help of their admins, the vast majority of the time. And if you have full access sys admin permissions, you can go in and edit their post, too, once they have created it and saved it as a draft.


          For those who need more hand-holding, I've gone back to a clunkier process which is more work on my end, but less confusing for the execs.


          High-Touch: Live Publish

          We use a Jive document to compose and revise the post, including making comments on it, until it reaches the agreed final version. Then I schedule a 15-minute "publishing" call and we share a screen online. While I watch (and guide if needed), they publish a DRAFT version of their blog post that has the correct title and nothing but "test" in the body. With my full access admin permissions, I then edit it and paste in the HTML from the final version of the document. I also create the blog banner image at the same time, add tags and categories (where applicable), and then save as draft again. After we visually confirm it is perfect, the author edits and then publishes it for real (or schedules it for publication, which I can also walk them through how to do).


          Some folks are ready to do this themselves after this hand-holding, and others are not. It feels like a lot of trouble to schedule the time to do this together, but it's no more time than we were spending going back and forth to explain in detail every step that needed to be taken via email, or usually re-explaining and cleaning things up after something went wrong when they tried to do it themselves.


          Low-Touch: Save as Draft Then Fix It For Them

          I have another method that takes less of the executive's time. The executive publishes a DRAFT blog post with nothing but "test" in the body, then I edit it and paste in the content we have finalized elsewhere. When it's ready to go, I let them know and they go back in and publish it.


          I'd love to hear other ideas for making a smooth and simple process to use for this...

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            Thank you Ted Hopton and Kim Nelson. Glad to hear it wasn't just me who had that experience, and appreciate your suggestions for workarounds.

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              Not a creative workaround but ...

              Jive offers the Delegate Access (aka Ghost blog) add-on  --Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ - Archived because of publishing issues -- that could work depending on your use case. We at Paladin Group, formerly JCS Consulting recently created a custom version of that for another client that offers more flexibility and improved tracking of versions as well.

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