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    What is your strategy to keep closeness with and between community managers




      • In our intern community we have about 40 groups and spaces with about the same number of community managers. I try to give them a support as personalised as possible: through individual meetings, suggestions...
      • I also animate a private group where I give them information and where they can ask questions and discuss
      • I organize once every quarter a 2 hour meeting where I give information about the evolution of the whole community,  strategy and functionalities, We share experiences and I always raise a topic to debate.


      I start facing the difficulty of volume and the number of community managers is raising :


      On one hand, the 2 hour meeting is not satisfactory anymore as the 40 community managers have different levels, different issues and we do not have time to discuss everything, on the other hand one-to-one meetings are great, but I can't see everyone on a regular basis.


      I would love to hear from your experience : how do you keep in touch with community managers, how do you inspire them ? Through events, more publications, one-to-one meetings ?


      I can not wait for reading your feedbacks.