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    Re-use configured tiles?


      Hello Everybody,


      As a newbie, I am still working to wrap my head around Jive-X. As we are setting up our Jive-X community we have decided to give each of our customers their own private group. These private groups will have particular information about the customer. In addition, we want to be able to provide each private group with a set of documents to help them get started.


      We have hundreds of customers and want to be able to cookie cutter the private groups and then add customer specific information. I can create a template which will add the appropriate tiles to each new group. The problem comes with the configuration of the tiles. Is there a way to save the configuration of a tile so it can be used in other places without having to recreate it each time?


      For instance, I have created a tile using the expandable sections tile type. I have configured this to have a number of documents in a number of sections. If I want to use this exact same configuration for each of our private groups, is there a way to save the configuration and copy it to a new place/group?


      I look forward to your replies.


      Thank You,

      Noah Siekmann

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          With widgets, there is a Copy function when editing the space in Overview. I used to create a "template" space with additional documentation so that when a new space was created it was just a matter of copying the layout/widgets and then tweaking each widget as necessary based on documentation. I can't remember if you can do this in tiles or not, but I seem to recall there is a tile (activity) template section where you can copy and achieve a similar result.



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            Thanks, Rob. I'll look into that.