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    Social business expert with experience building global external communities

    GinaB Advanced

      Hello Community!

      I just wanted to let anyone looking for a strategic leader to assist or lead their social business strategy that I'm looking for a new opportunity.  I bring over 20 years of marketing and strategy experience to the table and proven social business experience.  I built ADP's first external online community on Jive (hosted at the time) and it grew from a single community in Canada to a global client collaboration community (Jive x) serving countries globally due to the success of the first one.  We even won the Engage Client award at Jiveworld in 2015.


      If your organization is looking for someone to help build out and deploy a social business strategy (my area of expertise is in external communities) please don't hesitate to contact me at ginanewob@gmail.com


      I'm located in Toronto, ON