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    Modern looking cloud implementations of Jive X communities


      Hi All,


      I had a chance to participate in Jive World 2017! It was a great event. While there I had a chance to speak to Billy Volpone about "modern looking" implementations of JiveX communities (cloud version). Here is the list of communities I got from him.


      Bluegrass Care Navigators Community - News | Care and Share

      Macmillan Community - News | The Macmillan Community

      Marior Rewards Insiders - News | Marriott Rewards® Insiders

      02 Community - Hilfe-Forum | o2 Community

      Converge Community - News | MapR Converge Community

      Canvas Community - Welcome | Canvas Community

      AMD Community - Welcome | Community


      Do you know more examples of JiveX communities (only cloud version) that look modern?


      (FYI Robert Pleticha; Claudio Geyken; Julia Scherbina)