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    Bulk content add tag - You are not allowed to perform this request




      My colleague attempted to add tags using the bulk manage content.

      She received the following error which appears to only impact content of document type.


      Has anyone experienced similar behaviour, any help greatly appreciated.

      bulk manage content



        • Re: Bulk content add tag - You are not allowed to perform this request

          Hi Marlise,


          Reviewing through your description, I ran through a local test by adding tags to documents via the bulk content management feature, however was not seeing the same message displayed.



          As such, this could be a permission based behavior. For clarification, if the user navigates directly to the documents, are they able to add tags to the content?


          Either way, I would also suggest submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step so that a member of our support team can review through your instance specifically and confirm if you are running into a bug. When submitting the case, if you could include the username of the account seeing this behavior, along with a link to the place where they are attempting to add tags, this should assist with their investigation.