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    unable to upload video

    Erica Chalfin

      I am trying to upload a 20MB .wmv file from my laptop to our community.  It seems to upload but then I see this message that never goes away:



      I have tried the upload with Chrome, IE and Firefox with no change in behavior.  The page is still sitting at the please wait phase since I posted this question at 9:30 AM. 


      Any suggestions?




        • Re: unable to upload video

          Hi Erica,


          Reviewing through your description, I would suggest submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step, where a member of our support team can assist with investigations specific to your instance. When submitting the case, if you could include the following information as well:


          - Is this limited to a specific video file or are you seeing this for all videos

          - If limited, can you attach the file to the case for testing

          - Is there a place in your instance where a test couple be performed