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    Do you provide the EdgePack widgets for Jive 9?

    Katrin Thausing

      We are using the EdgePack Widgets on Jive 8 and plan to upgrade. Are they Jive 9 compatible?


      MOSAIC Content Widget

      EdgePack - EZSlide

      EdgePack - EZAd

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          Erin Haines

          Hi Katrin,


          Yes Edgepack is compatible with Jive9!


          Also, as you look to move to v9 we now have Tile versions of some of the widgets available, for example MOSAIC: Tiles by Social Edge: MOSAIC Tile.  Let us know if you are looking at moving to Tiles, as we can share more information about downloading the Tile versions.





          Tiles by Social Edge | Social Edge

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            Andrew Kratz



            Thanks for your question and using our Edgepack product.  I wanted to mention a couple of other products/services that Social Edge offers.  I thought you would find them interesting. 


            - We do Jive upgrades.  We have a full technical team that has performed numerous upgrades in our 5 year history and we have a number upgrades to 9.0 going on/completing now.  Let us know if you have an interest in a quote from us for your work.


            - Moving to Tiles and News - We have worked with over 100 JiveN clients helping them move from widgets/overview pages  to tile based pages and the Jive News page. There is a lot of power in the News streams and tiles.  We can help with that process from a strategy/feature standpoint sharing what we learned in patterning with all of those Jive clients.   If you want to learn more we can connect you with a strategist to discuss further the needs/gaps you might have.


            - We launched an e-commerce tile store - Tiles by Social Edge - As you move to Jive 9.0 and can take further advantage of tiles for their responsive/mobile use and may find the need for more functionality and control in your tiles.  Our story here is that after implementing many of the same custom tiles over and over again for clients during their implementation we decided to there was a better way to add value.  We took a step back, built it once, add in a configuration panel so non-technical users can control all the features, and charge a low amount - between 3-5k.  We also put them in a consumer-like buying experience.  Check out the store link above for images and demonstration areas with live working tiles.


            Happy to answer any questions here or at andrew.kratz@socialedgeconsulting.com.  Or ask Erin, she knows more than me about all of this anyway!





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