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    Jive hierarchy structure


      I am using JiveN trial version.
      I have created my account and added some blog post, document, uploaded a PDF.
      I want to understand the hierarchy of contents.
      Means is root a type of Space with URL its name.

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          Ryan Rutan

          I'm not quite sure I understand the question, but will take a stab.


          Root Community is a Container of Places and (Placeless content, i.e. private content).


          Each place has contents they can store based on their configuration and rules.


          Spaces are places that are nest-able and support ACL like permission sets (defined from the top-down).


          Group are places that are flat in nature (no nesting allowed) and support a more organic (bottom-up) assigned membership.  Add Member, Request to Join, etc...


          Projects are a sub-place that can be stored inside a Space or a Group for all intents and purposes.


          Contents inherit the permissions from the places they are stored.


          That's an oversimplification of Content/Places and relationships...but hope it helps.


          There are a series of documents available here that I would recommend for these types of questions:

          Documentation - Jive Software

          as the answer may be better illustrated.


          Hope that helps.

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