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    jive app from google does not work




      When I try to launch Jive from Google's app launcher, I receive the following error.



      It looks like the URL is specified twice above to cause the page can't be found error.  Any help on how to resolve this error please.


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          Ryan Rutan

          Marlise Briedenhann, I'm not sure who created your Google App launcher, to my knowledge (and I could be wrong) we do not have a Google App launcher as part of the core product.


          Is it possible this was created as part of your internal IT team?


          Also, if you'd like to check if there is something Jive Support can do to assist, you'll need to file a support case in your support group.  Unfortunately, this issue (unless I'm misunderstanding it) doesn't appear to be related to the Developer platform.


          Hope that helps.