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    Unable to remove document approver


      We have a number of documents that currently have 1-2 people named as approvers: the creator of the doc and one other person (myself).


      Initially, we were both set as required approvers for each document, and would receive the appropriate Email  notifications and approval buttons on the Jive page itself.


      However, we have decided to remove the approval requirement and although we have unchecked that option in the Advanced Settings section at the bottom of the document, then Publish, the Approval button still shows at the top of the doc for each of us and the next time we access that page, the Approval required box is checked again.


      Any suggestions?  We have tried on different machines, browsers, Mac and Windows, etc. but no success.


      Is this a bug?  I also noticed a similar question that was asked and unanswered in 2013 called Unable to remove Approval Requirement from document