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    System Defined Groups and Place Permissions


      Hello All,


      Currently we have a place that we want all to be able to view, including people not logged in to Jive. A logged in member can view the place, but someone not logged in cannot.


      I was wondering if this had to do with the settings of the System Defined Group "Everyone" and if so, how do I modify those settings. I have looked at the permissions for the place in the overview panel, and it appears to be open for all to access.

      Thank you!

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          Hi Jason Slavin,


          Reviewing through your description, if guest access is enabled for your instance, I would expect the "everyone" user group to control permissions for unauthenticated (guest) accounts in your instance. For more information on permissions, you might find the following helpful - Managing Permissions


          However, if you are assigning the "everyone" permission group view access and guest accounts are still not able to view content, I would suggest submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step where a member of our support team can assist with further investigations. When submitting the case, if you could provide a link to the space you are wanting guest accounts to have access to, this should assist with their investigation.



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              Hi Jessie,


              Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I looked through the documentation you provided, but was still unable to find that for which I was looking.


              “Everyone” is a system defined group, and I have attached a screen shot showing it. It is permissions for this group that I am unable to change.


              I will also connect back with JiveWorks secret group to see if they can help.


              Please let me know what you think.


              Thank you,


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                  Hi Jason,


                  Thanks for the screenshot. Permissions for this group should be available via your admin console >> permission tabs, depending on what permissions you are wanting to assign out. From your description, this will most likely be the space permission tab:



                  However, if you are not seeing this as an available option in your instance, a private support case would be the best next step as further investigations into your specific instance would be needed.