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    Get/show custom-tiles data without configuration


      Hi everyone,

      we are developing custom tiles for our jive application server and ran into a
      problem that is quite confusing and not understandable for us.


      We have defined a community template in which our tiles are located.

      If we set this template in a Group, the tiles are placed correctly, but if we save this group without configuring the tiles, no data is displayed in the tiles. Only when we open and save the tiles-configuration the data are displayed.
      We hope you understand our question / proplem.

      Has anyone run into the same problem before? Is there an "onTheming"
      function in the jive-sdk defined that we need to implement? Are we missing
      something significant here?

      Any help would be appreciated.

        • Re: Get/show custom-tiles data without configuration

          So yes, unfortunately, for a Custom View Tile (or most tiles) to be valid, they need to be configured.  This is what triggers the Jive instance to notify the backend that the Tile has been installed, and allows Jive to execute the rendering phase. 


          This is feedback we've heard before and I've made another note of it for engineering consideration, but we will have to see where this falls in the prioritization exercises.


          In general, the proposed solution would be a way to indicate in the tile > definition.json, such as "configurationRequired" : false, in order allow the registration to happen automatically.


          Hope that helps to at least help you understand what is going on.