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    Get version(s) of css

    Bryce Gilhooly

      Hey Jive Developers


      We're building an tool that pulls the body of Jive documents and displays them in another application. One of the requirements is to be able to obtain the current version of the jive.css that is associated to our instance.


      Currently it appears that the build version is in the URL for the css sheet:



      I've been asked if there is a way that we could do some sort of API GET to an endpoint and return the current stylesheet, or possibly an application version endpoint, similar to Jive REST API v3.14, that we could extrapolate the URL from.


      I looked through the documentation and searched around the community and couldn't come up with any real solutions.


      My questions to you - Have you encountered this and come up with a solution? Can you suggest another way to approach this?




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          Ryan Rutan



          Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we have an API to obtain this at this point in time.


          I checked the /api/version end-point, but it only returns the "2016.3.6.0" portion of the path...the rest has to do with build #'s and cache buster identifiers.


          For all intents and purposes, you should be able to manage a configuration of the "current jive.css" path ... and hold a copy of the value.  It should remain around and be fairly resilient.  If you checked it once a quarter, or after your cloud update .... that would be the easiest way to keep it in sync.


          I cant think of another way for you to manage this dynamically, but FWIW, the jive.css that impacts the internal representation of a document does not change all that often...so you should be fairly insulated.


          Hope that helps.