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    Is there a way to automate a direct message when someone joins the community?


      I've been sending out "Welcome to the Community" emails to new member's inboxes and I'm wondering if there's a way to automate this. It's a little different than the email they get when joining. We have a lot of people join and never post anything, so I send them a message about a week out, offering  a few places they could contribute. Anyone else do this? Is there a way to make it less manual?

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          What timing! Funny you ask as I have been asking that very same question for several months of our DEV team (we are on prem Jive) to help me segment markets of internal users I can't reach without sending them outside the collaboration system of our Jive instance with milSuite to Outlook email. I try to keep the communication in the system as is. Here what I am trying to do:


          • It eases marketing to certain target audiences and we have a major need to do this with a very diverse set of users (Who BTW...also ask for ways to reach their target audiences they wish to reach through various means beyond the current tools too so this can aid them too).
          • The option to DM them would rely on how your system works (on prem or cloud I guess and local configuration).
          • Also external or internal communities have different needs/use cases. But all can and should be market-segmentable if you can.
          • When I have a certain captured target audience (such as maybe CEO C-suite level of high value targets) I want to reach them with an opt-in style approach to get them to a private community where they can lurk and learn in private. (What boss wants to show their subordinates that they have no clue what you are talking about?)
          • This is essentially a crowd safe-sandbox. I can offer them direct help and hope for them to drink the watercooler-aid, get convinced, and see the light that this collab-O-system works for them and they should adopt and bring their orgs/departments into the system.
          • This means we save time money and effort in having to go and approach them manually all one.. by ... one...
          • Doing this one-by-lethargic-one is so 1989. It is labor intensive and having to reach out to each one of them one.. by... one... every....day... this will not cut it in today's age. The high level user audiences are no different that the average worker bee..some will like it.... some will not give you the time of day.The sooner you sort and sell the better as you will always have turnover.
          • This cull the herd method helps you cut through the muck/middlemen/women and naysayers who may persuade that C-suiter from ever getting the truth.  Eliminate that level of obstruction > Go direct. Get to the ones who have an interest and focus my time on high payoff efforts. Cull the herd. Make it around an opt-in. My intent is to build a community to target that audience and refrain from needing to send it to them in a welcome e-mail. I want to get away from our users going to e-mail.


          If you do not have the DM capability you are stuck with hoping that the welcome e-mail is your only vehicle to do so en-masse. You need a digi-data-Ginsu knife to be able to slice and dice the user base like julienne fries  But Wait, There's More! Remembering Ginsu's Pioneering Pitchman - AOL Finance  (or Ron Popeil anyone? Ronco Knives: Many Consumers Say They Just Don't Make The Cut ). There is some irony here as most would say ... well that is what the communities are for.


          Well you still need to create a community to direct them to on the welcome e-mails especially if that is all you have and targeting DMs is not possible.  But before you do that you have to build the message. Sort as they come in the door. Like you are having a private, open-house community party ~ you will need to sort the guests you don't really know yet. Do you really know them or how they see your system? Wouldn't you want to have a say in that and reach out to them efficiently and simultaneously proving this system can do this for them too? You can have a great quiver of arrows but if you have no real targets what good is the bow?

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            Billy Volpone

            Kristen, couple thoughts, but they may need to be flushed out. Firstly, are you on cloud and if so, are you using Jive Rewards yet? I mainly ask there as Rewards allows for "onboarding" specific quests to hit new users via the 'Getting Started" menu by their inbox. We often create easy asks to get them following people or places, introducing themselves, etc. It's not as direct as you ask for above, but still could be a nice way to automatically engage. You can also promote quests, which hit all of the associated user's inboxes. There are even quest filters by 'join date' to focus on brand new or more tenured users.


            The other option might be to tie the community into your marketing automation toolset. I know plenty of clients pushing Jive activity into the likes of Marketo and Oracle Marketing Cloud. Based on their actions in the network, or initial registration, you could quickly have a message sent out to them.


            Happy to discuss other ways to do this, maybe even using your advocates to help.

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              Good question Kristen Gastaldo - I think most online communities lack in the area on onboarding. I'd like to see some functionality where we can plan out an onboarding workflow. I would love to stay engaged with new users 7,14, 28, etc days out 'automagically'.