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    Broken "start discussion" link in Jive space @OurNorthwestern.edu


      Hi Jive,


      We have a broken "start discussion" button in one of our Jive spaces.  This issue was discovered during our upgrade to Jive 8 and reported by Karl Kooistra on March 7th. The suggested next step was to submit a case to our "customer group." Unfortunately, Karl is out of office in training and I'm unaware of how to contact that group, so hopefully, you can direct me further if this is not the right place.


      This is the earlier Jive thread: Start A Discussion Button Links not working

      This is the space in our system where the "Start Discussion" button is not working: https://our.northwestern.edu/community/schools/naa/nu-club-of-switzerland

      This is the error message generated with selecting the "Start Discussion" button from the above Jive space: https://our.northwestern.edu/community/schools/post!input.jspa?containerType=14&container=2229&contentType=1


      According to our System Administrator, this is likely upgrade related and seems to impact any space with a "Start Discussion" button. He noted we have access to change the url in those discussion buttons (they are html plugins). If Jive can give us the correct url path, we can update them ourselves.


      Can you provide some direction as to who can help us, or provide the correct URL path?  It seems the issue has not yet been resolved since first being reported in March, so it would be valuable to us to wrap this up.  Please let me know if you have questions.


      Kind regards,

      Allyson Mauck


      PS - I tried to submit a case about this but the "Environment" field appears to be required and also will not allow any values to be selected.  Same thing with the "Place" field. I've tried across two browsers, Chrome and FF on Mac.  The selection of "Place" here in the discussion thread seems to work fine - not so in case submission.