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    REST API verb jive:liked not working on places/{placeID}/activities endpoint?




      I'm using the api v3 /places/{placeID}/acitivites endpoint, see https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/PlaceService.html#getActivity(String, String, String, int, List<String>, String, boolean, String, boolean) to receive some newest activites. I'm using some filters and everything works fine, like filter=verb(jive:created). But when I use the verb jive:liked, I don't get any results, even if there is liked content in the place. When I only use the activity endpoint (without /places/placeID), the jive:liked filter gets applied. Has anybody successfully received jive:liked events on the places-activity endpoint? This is jive 9.0.1.


      Works: /api/core/v3/activities?filter=verb(jive:liked)

      Works not: /api/core/v3/places/{placeID}/activities?filter=verb(jive:liked)

      But when I do api/core/v3/places/{placeID}/activities without the filter, I have a weird verb=jive:created what could be the jive:liked, because it is the first result (initialy ordered by latest activity, I guess?!) and the updated timestamp fits with the one of the like...


      Ryan Rutan