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    Live Chat


      Does anyone utilize a 3rd party application that enables live chat functionality, maybe via an HTML tile or something?

      If so, please share.  Thanks!

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          Claire Fletcher

          Mark Cafiero I don't have any customer examples that spring to mind, but I think we may get more responses for you if I moved this thread to the Jive Internal Communities or Jive External Communities group - is that OK with you?

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            Andrew Kratz

            We did a project for an external community to integrate with SFDC's chat.  Making sure the authentication (SSO) worked and it launched the chat box.  I believe it was all through Jive's API, so I'm guessing this could be done with a variety of instant messaging/chat products.  Happy to explore it further with you if you like.




            Andrew Kratz

            Social Edge Consulting

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              Billy Volpone

              Can't think of any currently live examples of chat in the community (a few I know have done it in previous networks) but I have had this conversation quite a few times and I think for me, it often comes down to what the chat is meant to be used for. If the main use case is centered around support, then chat can actually sometimes get in the way of lower support costs and lessening the amount of persistent data that is create for reuse in the form of discussion threads. This mainly happens as chat can be a fast crutch for certain users to leverage instead of more openly asking a question. Chat requires those resources often from your support team, instead of leveraging the peer network. This is just one view of course, and focused on support. There are other types of communities, such as membership networks, in which chat might take on a very different model/use case.